FastPokeMap APK [Latest] v1.1.2 Download to Find and Trap Pokemon in Pokemon Go

FastPokeMap APK befalls to be the best gift for the addicts of Pokemon Go. Enabling the players to map and trap Pokemon, FastPokeMap app accesses them with a wide variety of resources including candy, Stardust, and experience points.

The application lets you access Poke Radar for Pokemon Go, to find the location of the pokemon in the vicinity confined to a map. Moreover, the APK file of FastPokeMap pokemon go displays a clock time for which a particular pokemon would be available for the catch.

With the release of the latest version of FastPokeMap download, players are granted with the facility to search for the latent and covered pokemons, by restraining down specified areas or zones. With the special attribute of scanning your location, FastPokeMap 2018 provides users with a feature of ‘filter’ to find a specific pokemon.

FastPokeMap APK

App Name: FastPokeMap APK

Version: v1.1.2

Developer: AppStore Pro Go Live

Supported Version: Android 4.1+

Last Updated: August 25, 2016

The latest 2018 version of FastPokeMap APK download is 1.1.2. Free download and installation of the same are available on all the Android devices, supporting a version of 4.1 and above.

For a hassle-free run of the file in an Android device, a user is required to have a free storage space of 4.9MB in it. Get a convenient access to FastPokeMap tracker, by clicking the download tab as mentioned in this article.

Latest FastPokeMap APK File Information

Application FastPokeMap APK
App Size 4.9MB
Total Downloads 97,000+
Supported Version Android 4.1+
App Developer AppStore Pro Go Live
Last Updated August 25, 2016

Features of FastPokeMap APK

  • A quick access to pokemons residing in the nearby locations.
  • With the support of location scanner, get your hands on the newest available Pokemons.
  • Enter your present location to watch out for the Pokemon in a specific area.
  • It also enables players with the display of a time period, for which the specific Pokemon is available.
  • While you enter the desired location, the app displays the adjacent pokemon.
  • The location scanner helps to fetch the closest pokemon within seconds.

How to use FastPokeMap App?

Dispensing users with a convenient map and tracker, FastPokeMap strives to be an effortless and uncomplicated app, to have an access to. Follow the steps as mentioned below to efficiently and effectively use FastPokeMap, without the need to go to its official website:

  • Download and install the FastPokeMap APK, by clicking the download tab and the link as provided in this article.
  • Launch the downloaded application in your Android phone.
  • Ensure to enable the Google Map services in your phone so as to let FastPokeMap get the required location data in your phone.
  • Next, either enter your location manually or let the application detect your location automatically.
  • Wait till the app automatically locates your position and figures out the exact number of Pokemons residing in the vicinity.
  • After the detection is finished, click the pokemon which appears on the screen.
  • With a blue circle displaying the extent of the area of Pokemon availability, a green button gleams which eventually signal the availability of pokemon in your range.
  • Launch the game of Pokemon Go, to reach to the exact location of Pokemon residence.
  • Boom! You’ve located the pokemon which was initially detected by FastPokeMap.

FastPokeMap Latest Screenshots

Winding Up

Irrespective of the location being Singapore, Las Vegas, Malaysia or UK, FastPokeMap bestows players of Pokemon Go with the map and track of pokemons in a particular area.

Being the best resort for the players who do not prefer wasting time to search for pokemons endlessly, FastPokeMap provides the grant to the online pokemon go players to locate the pokemons in the vicinity of the detected location.

It is to be guardedly noted that many websites including reddit, promote an erred and affected download of the APK files. On the contrary, this website strives to cater its users with the 100% safe download of an APK file.

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